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Animal Base

by the neuroethology lab

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Getting started

AnimalBase consists of the graphical interface written in java using JavaFX and the mysql storage backend.


To run animal-keeping you need:


For installation of the mysql server on your platform please refer to the documentation on the mysql websites.

To set up the database download the “migration” scripts.

Let’s assume you have the database server running on the local machine (localhost). Log into it with a user that has administrator privileges (e.g. the root user).

> mysql -h localhost -u root -p

The server will be asking for the user password. Once logged in create the animal_keeping database and grant all rights on it to the user:

mysql> CREATE DATABASE animal_keeping;
mysql> GRANT ALL ON `animal_keeping`.* TO `root`@`localhost` IDENTIFIED BY 'your_root_password';

Log out and setup the database by executing from the command line:

> mysql animal_keeping < 0001-initial.sql -h localhost -u root -p

Proceed likewise for all the other migration files in the order defined by their name. The migration scripts adjust the database layout to the current schema layout and performs data migration if needed.

You can also use this shell script to make this easier.

Should you be updating the database it is advisable to backup your data before.

> mysqldump animal_keeping > my_database_dump.sql -h localhost -u root -p

To restore a backup you need to drop and re-create the database:

mysql> DROP DATABASE animal_keeping;
mysql> CREATE DATABASE animal_keeping;

Log out and restore the backup by:

> mysql animal_keeping < my_database_dump.sql -h localhost -u root -p